October 7, 2016

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Box Tops, Campbell's Labels, Sunny D, and Coke bottle lids or proof of purchase

Please bring in your box tops the more box tops we bring in the more money we raise for school. We also receive gifts for school with Campbell's labels and Coke caps and proof of purchase off of coke boxes. With 10 Sunny D labels you get 10 books. Please bring those in our grandparents work hard at cutting and sorting and would love to see the school do great for their hard work.

Thank You

Washington Lands PTK

Welcome to Washington Lands Elementary School
Washington Lands Elementary School has a great tradition of teachers, parents, and community working together to make our school the very best it can be. We strive to make continuous improvement individually and collectively. There is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that pervades the school. We enjoy each day that we have and give our best effort to any given situation. We believe that students still care for others and will lend a helping hand when it is needed. Each person at this school has a responsibility to continue to make Washington Lands Elementary School the best school for boys and girls. No one person can make that happen. It is a school-wide, community-wide effort that is necessary for this tradition to continue. If people share our belief and are willing to commit to this philosophy, we welcome them to join us in this great adventure.